Biowin is a Belgian competitiveness cluster dedicated to health and life sciences technologies. Bringing together companies, research centres, universities and key health players, Biowin stimulates innovation and collaboration to shape the future of this field. Focusing on biopharmaceuticals, industrial biotechnology, medical devices, digital health, translational research and personalised medicine, Biowin drives technological advances in life sciences. Benefiting from a vast network and recognised expertise, Biowin supports companies with personalised support services, strategic advice and access to finance.


Located in Charleroi, Belgium, CETIC is an applied research centre dedicated to the development and application of information and communication technologies (ICT). With a wide range of expertise and close collaboration with companies, universities and public bodies, CETIC is at the forefront of digital transformation. Their team of passionate researchers is working on innovative projects in fields such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, big data and many others.


Multitel is a renowned applied research centre in Belgium. Specialising in information and communication technologies (ICT), Multitel works closely with companies, academic institutions and public bodies to foster innovation and provide advanced technological solutions. With cutting-edge expertise in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, communication networks, cybersecurity, computer vision and wireless technologies, Multitel offers customised services in research and development, feasibility studies, testing, validation and specialised training.